List of hacker movies

Wargames - 8/10
An old school classic, with some hacking involving phreaking, war dialing, password guessing. kinda lame by todays standards but a definate must.

Wargames: the dead code - 7/10
A modern version of the old classic... still features some minor hacking (pringles cantenna) but again rather lame. Is good to see prof falcon and joshua again

Hackers - 8/10
Yet another old school classic. where a lot of hacker jokes come from (common used passwords, hacking the gibson etc.) so obviously fake you could consider it a self parody. A must see for all hackers/coders/admins

Operation Taketown - 5/10
The medias adaptation of Kevin Mitnicks story, used to get him put in jail (which worked) and a complete fabrication.. not a bad movie though!

Freedom downtime - 6/10
A movie made by Emmanuel Goldstein (2600) to show the true story behind kevin mitnick and hacker culture in general, a little slow but altogether quite informative

Antitrust - 4/10
Story about a company that kills programmers and steals their code. so a hacker steals their code and makes the world a better place.. pretty lame movie, but does include some "hacking"

Sneakers - 6/10
A box that can decrypt anything, 2 groups of people want it (goodies vs baddies) the baddies have it and the goodies gotta break in to get it... thats basicly it. not bad not good, about average

The Net - 2/10
Sandra Bullock as a security professional, can't really remember what happened, something about a virus and the pi symbol.. film was shit, not worth the 2 hrs of my life :(

Swordfish - 7/10
hacker guy to get his daughter back has to break into a bank and steal loads of money, the virus creation scene was lame but entertaining (pretty graphics flying around 6 screens... epic!), but the explosion (so good it's showed twice in slow motion) is awsome

The matrix trilogy - 7/10
computer hacker gets sucked into the real world (this world is a virtual one) to save everything, second film trinity uses nmap and runs a (at the time) 0-day, so at least a little realism, 3'rd film is just a big fight scene in the rain... sorry to dissapoint

Johnny Mnemonic - 4/10
In the future data can be stored in your brain (I know weird concept!) any way kiano Reaves stores too much data which happens to be ubah awsome secret encrypted stuff and if he doesn't get it hacked out he wil die! old school sci fi, terrible graphics, terrible plot, terrible ending...

Tron - 6/10
Owner of company stole some hackers game and got rich, so he hacks in to get it back, unfortunatly he gets sucked into the computer and goes on an awsome neon suit bike riding sci-fi adventure. old school classic, a must see for any self confessed geek!

The Lawnmower Man - 2/10
Can't remember this film to well something about a cyber world. I'm sure there was some hacking, terrible graphics and plot, worth a watch I guess, just to say you've seen it

Live Free or Die Hard (Die hard 4) -6/10
America is getting owned by a group of hacker terrorists, so Bruce Willis drags around some hacker kid through explosions and fights etc. not much hacking, but good action film

Firewall - 1/10
Bunch of hackers break into a bank guys house to steal money from the bank, he trys to get the hackers back. absolutly crap film, don't even bother downloading

The 13'th Floor - 6/10
Another film about being sucked into a virtual world, can't remember there being any hacking but it's soo awsome you just gotta see it, hell old school btw, sepia colouring if you kno what I mean

Oceans 11,12,13 - 8/10
3 films about a group of con men who break into places and steal stuff (money paintings etc.) semi-realistic hacking. quite good trilogy, mainly A-list actors makes it slightly better to watch

Transformers - 5/10
Cars that turn into robots... thats about it, after a cube. the scene of "hacking" is comedy gold with the bloke flying through dodgy CGI and out of nowhere magicly knows that theres a sector with loads of awsome dataz. not a bad film.

Office Space - 3/10
a few guys who hate there gob so decide to plant a virus to slowly steal money, not very funny, no virus creation or even hacking shown... pretty crap to be honest only upped the rating because Jennifer Aniston is in it lol

Untraceable - 3/10
Serial killer hacker, more people who visit his site the quicker the person dies and the FBI have to find him. pretty crap film, not much hacking really, more of a thriller

Code Hunter - 7/10
Hacker set up in a virtual reality world which is exactly like the real world, has to save us from some tornadoes. kinda lame story but overall good film, with some awsome cyberpunk style costumes (not as crazy as hackers costumes)