My E-Liquid Reviews

My reviews, all ratings out of 10, latest at the top:

Company Name Taste Vapor Personal Rating

Five Pawns Bowdens Mate 8 8 9
     Holey shit wow! ok it's a pricey juice, but you really do get what you pay for. tastes as good as their description of the juice. If you like snake oil you will LOVE this! :D Blueberry 6.5 7 7
     Tastes just as expected, vapor clouds are standard really... all in all a well rounded juice, nice.
TOOT'IN Juices Vanilla Custard 6 6 6
     Yea it tastes like custard... couldn't detect vanilla at all... get "vapors tongue" fairly quick with this one so I would recommend as more of a treat than an all day vape
VT Vanilla Fudge 7 6 7.5
     I was looking for some mint choc chip and came across this thinking it would be similar... I wasn't, but I must say I wasn't dissapointed either, good vapor production with strong flavors exactly what you want from a juice. Something worth mentioning is that this does seem to dry your mouth more than most juices which is a little wierd :/
Dr. Stanly Clark's Snake Oil 8 8 8
     Well I've vaped over 100ml of this stuff, it's good.. really really good! you do get "vapors mouth" (when you can no longer taste the flavor) after a bit of use but if you mix it up then this one is definitely a winner!
E-Liquid Chocolate 6 5 4
     Well where to begin... I guess I loked it, so tastey with ok vapor production. The problem is I brought it from a market for cheap. So nothing on the label saying whats in it or what mg it contains of nicotine. No warnings or company name, it was a sketchy as f- juice!

eVo Iced Bana Mint 6 3 5
     So the vapor production with this juice is minimal, but what it lacks in vape it more than makes up with in flavor. Tastes like it says on the bottle a cooling mint freshness with a heavy hitting banana flavour.
Not bad!
Hangsen Mixed Fruit 5 4 5
     Quite nice, kinda hard to pinpoint the flavor, it's definitely sweet and fruity, vapor isn't as cloudy as I had hoped, but it's quite reasonable :)
Hangsen Butterscotch 0 5 0
     If you like butterscotch you will love this, the flavor seems to show after the exhale and lingers for a bit.. I think it's horrible... the liquid seems to last far too long.. probably because I don't like it. and average vapor production.
Vapor Room Watermelon 3 5 2
     I was looking forward to a watermelon tasting flavor a lot, unfortunatly this one did not quite deliver :(
It tastes like chemical watermellon, more like fake sweets than an actual watermellon. The vapor production was ok but the flavor just didn't do it for me.
The Alchemists Cupboard Strawberry Mivvi 5 5 4
     This doesn't taste like strawberrys! It tastes like strawberry flavoured angel delight.. a little, but you get used to the flavor so quick it becomes tasteless... sorry, not my fave juice!
The Alchemists Cupboard Coffee with Cream & Sugar 5 7 6
     When you get a nice short cool hit wow is it tastey, if you like long cloudy drags then thats where this one downfalls for me, it quickly becomes a hot ashey taste. so a bit hit and miss, the closest coffee one that tastes like coffee that I have found so far, but the 50/50 chance of a nice hit unfortunatly takes away from it. Wort a try, not an all day vape for me unfortunatly.
The Alchemists Cupboard Mint Choc Chip 7 9 9.5
     This is pretty incredible! it tastes just like mint choc chip ice cream, as expected by this awesome company that delivers 100% on flavor! better yet as you exhale you get a cool feeling, as if you had just eaten some. I am a MASSIVE fan of this and deffo going to stock up on it :)
The Alchemists Cupboard Bananas and cream 5 4 5
     The first few hits taste a bit like banana milkshake, but very quickly deminishes, Didn't get much vapor either. After a while it tastes a bit "ashy" and a little sickley. If you like sweet tastes you will probably like this more than I did!
The Alchemists Cupboard Chocolate Orange 8 5 8
     Tastes like terrys chocolate orange. Been vaping for over a week and wow still love every hit!
The Alchemists Cupboard Work Rest & Play Bar 6 5 7
     Not sure what the flavour is, kind of fruity, kind of sweet.. is so yum. Definitely an all day vape, not too strong in the flavour but a nice noticable sweetness. Fave so far.
The Alchemists Cupboard Banas and Cream 6 5 6.5
     Tastes like banoffee is yum, but not an all day vape, an enjoyable treat if you ask me.. want to eat the smoke! yum :)
Diamond Mist Coffee 4 4 5
     Tastes more like a deep dark coffee, vaped for a week and after a while it gets a bit chemically tasting. Quite nice though. Not an all day vape.
Diamond Mist Jamaican Grass 0 5 0
     First one I've ever tried, Hence vapor being 5 as a baseline. Honestly though do not buy this it tastes like ass!